Baller Twine Rope

Makadia international is one of the best reckoned firms for quality Baller Twine Ropes supply and export.

Our factory is located in Gujarat. Gujarat has good proximity to ports. Your goods are manufactured within 250 Km from the shipping port, which assures less transportation cost, reduces carbon footprint, lesser foot miles, and most important can deliver under a tight delivery schedule Feel free to share your requirements for our Products.

Makadia International is work with full rang of Baller twine. Our Baller twine is use in various industry. we provide different size and color as per requirements. we are made with 100% polypropylene and provide best quality.

Additional sizes and colors available to special order and also bulk order. we are ready to customize packing.

Major usage

  • General Packaging
  • Staking climbing plants
  • and agriculture industry
  • and agriculture industry